Questions & Answers

1. Can I put this in a new car?
Absolutely, there is no better way to start protecting your engine than to treat it with BestLine Engine Treatment from the time you start to drive your new vehicle.

2. Will it void my warrantee?
BestLine’s Engine Treatment has been tested and exceeds the specifications as set by the American Petroleum Institute. BestLine’s products will not void your warrantee.

3. Will it extend my oil change intervals?
We recommend that you follow your manufactures guidelines while your vehicle is on warrantee. After the warrantee is expired you can safely increase you change intervals when using BestLine by 50%.

4. How long will it last.
We suggest that you add BestLine Engine Treatment or BestLine Engine Maintenance to each oil change for optimum performance and fuel savings.

5. Will it gum up my engine like some products on the market?
No. BestLine’s synthetic patented formula will not gum up or build up within the engine. It penetrates into the strata of the metal surface and will never build beyond that metal surface.

6. Will it reduce my engine compression?
No. BestLine has shown to penetrate the ring groves, cleaning them out so that the rings are freer to function and INCREASING COMPRESSION while reducing emission and optimizing fuel mileage.

7. My mechanic is against additives.
Up until now most mechanics didn’t have too many good things to say about additives. A lot of additives made false claims that they cannot live up too. Introduce him to our web site and let him read all the testing that has been done. BestLine is a member of the American Petroleum Institute and our fuel additives are registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

8. Do I have to tell the dealership before adding BestLine?
No, not at all. But you will want to tell them once you start to see the improvements unless you want them to take credit for the improved performance and bill you for the same.\

9. Where do I pour the product?
Every vehicle has an oil cap on the valve cover, which should say “OIL”. Add the contents of the bottle into the engine and secure the cap.

10. Will it overfill my engine?
You have enough space to add the bottle of product even after your oil change.

11. Do I need to wait until I do an oil change?
Not at all. We suggest that you drive at least 250 miles after adding the product before changing the oil.

12. Can I add it at my oil change?

13. After adding the product, how long do I have to idle the motor before driving?
Once you add the product, you may drive immediately.

14. My husband doesn’t believe in additives.
Have your husband check out our web site and read the testing data. There were many years of testing and research before BestLine was introduced to the market.

15. How soon will I see mileage improvements?
It will take some time as cars since the late 1980s have a computer to control airflow and fuel mixture. Slowly your car’s computer will adjust the addition of BestLine and you will begin to see improvements in mileage.

16. How does my engine know that it is added?
BestLine’s Engine Treatment will be picked up by the oil pump and circulated through the engine very quickly. Your engine will sense a reduction in friction and heat, reducing the amount of fuel needed to run the engine. Less burnt fuel means not only savings to your pocket book but reduced emissions.

17. How will this product increase the life of my engine?
BestLine Engine Treatment and Engine Maintenance, has shown that it will greatly reduce wear over regular motor oils. When you reduce friction, you reduce the amount of energy needed to run the engine, which also reduces heat. All of these things together are poised to increase the life of your engine.

18. Will it work in Hybrid engines?
Absolutely. Like all engines hybrid engines rely upon lubrication. Where there is lubrication is required, BestLine should be there.

19. Will it do the same in our garden tractor and lawnmower?
Yes. It will improve their performance, reduce harmful emissions and reduce the wear on the engines. Remember they are engines also and they require lubrication just the same as motorcycles.

20. What if my mechanic says that he does not want to put it in my car?
Whose car is it? His or yours. The challenge is educating people on the value of BestLine products and how these products can be a benefit not only to you but also to all mechanics at large. Should you decide to switch mechanics I’m sure he’ll do some research and find out what BestLine is all about.

21. I am concerned about the environment!
We at BestLine are also concerned. That is why our gas conditioner and diesel fuel treatment are registered with the EPA. Using BestLine products will make your vehicle more environmentally friendly.

22. I want to sell my car but it is burning oil. Will it stop the oil burning?
Yes, in most cases it will unless you have broken oil rings or valve guide seals that are damaged beyond rejuvenation. BestLine will clean the valves and the ring grooves allowing the rings to function as they are designed to, increasing compression and reduced oil burning.

23. Will my oil stay cleaner?
BestLine’s Engine Treatment will help clean a dirty engine. After the oil is changed, your engine oil should stay much cleaner.

24. My engine makes funny noise, can this help.
In cases where it is wear related noise, you may very well hear a reduction in noise as friction is reduced between moving parts. You should see and hear a difference. If it is engine damage, proper and prompt repairs may have to be made.

25. So this works on my car. But what about our RV, Tractor and Diesel pickup?
BestLine was designed as a product for heavy-duty industry and large marine vessels. BestLine is now offering you the same benefits that industry has enjoyed.

26. If one bottle is good, can I add more?
We suggest that for the average size vehicle a 16 oz bottle of Engine Treatment will do the job.

27. I drive a Diesel Vehicle.
We suggest that you add 1 bottle of either BestLine Engine Treatment or the BestLine Diesel Engine Treatment to you vehicle. We suggest that for optimum performance and efficiency; add BestLine’s oil treatment with each oil change. If you work your vehicle hard we suggest 15% by volume of oil.

28. Where do I add to the transmission?
If you vehicle has an automatic transmission you would add the BestLine Power-Train to the tube that the transmission fluid indicator (dipstick) is located. For standard transmission, you may want to have the service technician add this when the car or truck is being serviced.

29. Where do I add the Power Train to my differential on my Pick-Up?
There is an inspection/filler plug in the differential. BestLine’s Power Train will be added through the inlet. It may be necessary to remove an ounce or two of the gear lube before adding.

30. It says add to my radiator. How do I do that?
BestLine Power-Train has a specific gravity greater than water. That means that when you add it to the plastic expansion tank/reservoir, it will work itself throughout the cooling system, lubricating the water pump and protecting the engine from oxidation. BestLine is compatible with all types of antifreeze. BestLine Power-Train has a specific gravity greater than water, That mean that when you add it to the plastic expansion tank/reservoir, it will work itself throughout the cooling system, lubricating the water pump and protecting the engine from oxidation. BestLine is compatible with all types of antifreeze.

31. Where can I purchase more of BestLine products
Go to the Buy Now button or